Maintaining ZenPhoto

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Album Page

Which may contain subalbums, or image thumbnails.

Album title: Suggest folders on the server are named with ordinal dates, YYYYMMDD, which will be the default album title. Change to something more meaningful.

Album description: Use as appropriate.  HTML editor is a bit flaky

Date: will default to folder creation date. Change if needed to reflect album contents



Responsive Web Design (II) CMS and Zen

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When trying to apply CSS for a responsive web design to sites using CMS Made Simple, and Zen Photo Gallery (this site), I hit some stumbling blocks.

In both environments I needed a different menu - one more suited for use on a mobile - and for Zen I needed to change to Theme configuration settings to alter the number of images in a row, and on a page.

I then spent ages trying to find a way of getting PHP to detect the browsing device, and respond by generating different code (...)


Workflow for Panoramas

18 June 2011 11:44 | Comments: 0 | Categories:

A suggested workflow for handling panoramas in Lightroom and PTGui.

In Lightroom, create a folder for panoramas, and a subfolder for each one, named by the number of the first image in the panorama sequence. Move the images to the appropriate folder.

In PTGui, for each panorama set:

Load the images and create the panorama. (Or open existing project). Use Equirectangular setting, and use sliders in the editor to remove unwanted whitespace. Note the horizontal field of (...)


Lightroom Imports

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Before importing photos from a new photoshoot, it's worth double checking your import settings - and one general preset.


  • No auto-toning
  • Plan ahead to define your destination folder
  • No need for subfolders by date
  • No need for file renaming
  • Apply lense correction
  • Use the metadata presets
  • Add lots of keywords

Lightoom General Preset

The "one other" is auto-tone, (...)



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Pay attention, this is a complex, socially networked, ramble.

I bought some wine from an outfit called Naked Wine, who specialise in establishing a relationship between the buyer and the wine maker. From France, I had some 2009 red from France made by Benjamin Darnault, and pre-ordered some 2010, which arrived early about three weeks ago. (and is also very good).


Responsive Web Design

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How to make a website work on a Mobile Device?

Some useful links:


Bulls and public footpaths

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According to the Ramblers Association, a farmer is entitled to keep bulls of up to 10-months-old in a field with a public footpath.

Bulls more than 10-months-old of a recognised dairy breed - Ayrshire, British Friesian, British Holstein, Dairy Shorthorn, Guernsey, Jersey and Kerry - are banned from fields crossed by public paths under all circumstances.

All other bulls over 10 months are banned unless accompanied by cows or heifers. If any bulls act in a way which endangers (...)

The Comic Sans Strikes Back

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I'm as guilty as anyone of making use of Comic Sans, but have been aware of the opprobrium heaped against it, and tried to use it sparingly, if at all.

This is a great article from Sitepoint. Credit to Alex Walker, Editor, SitePoint Design View, for the discussion and collection of links.

Later, October, the BBC joins in.


Some Links

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Links to useful articles and web pages.

HTML Emails

CSS (...)

Test everything. Hold on to the good.

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Re-installing Xenu today, I saw this quote from the Bible: 1 Thessalonians 5:21

Test everything. Hold on to the good.

Which seems very apposite, and should be the watchword for all IT people.

But I didn't recognise it.

This page explains that the verse is from the New International Version of the Bible (&copy (...)