Death by PowerPoint

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You might know, and remember, Edward Tufte, of the "beautiful books".

He's just been appointed to something by Obama, with nice comments like:

Remember your own advice: Ask, "What would Feynman do?"

My most extreme and grateful congratulations go to Barack Obama. ET, it's his best hire EVER not soon enough.


Unable to cross from one bank to another

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Chippinghurst Manor

We got lost round Chippinghurst Manor yesterday, because the path disappeared.

This is how one can afford to close the bridges & foot-paths.

From The Times

"When England was hunting for a manager to replace (...)

Johnny Crow's Garden

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LL Brooke

Introduction can be found in Village for a Thousand Years. "... it is this garden (Pillar House) which has the prime right to be called Johnny Crow's Garden, because it was here that Leslie Brooke was living when he drew the pictures for that, his best known book."  We live opposite (...)

Good company, good birds, a good lunch, and beautiful scenery

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Wells Barn Farm

For those with a search for knowledge, or are just plain nosey.

The big house â Wells Barn Farm - appears to be owned by Pizza Express and Punch Taverns founder Hugh Osmond.

He had a big scrap with the owner of Warren Farm - just beyond our walk - about "sporting rights".

Journalist summary here in the Guardian

But if you want the gory details, here is the court (...)

This much I know

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Search Engine Optimisation

How to improve your pages / site so they will be found by Google users.

This much I know (and there is much I don't ~ but beware the snake oil salesmen who will promise you everything).

You can learn much from Google itself, and their 22 page (...)

Mobile phone radiation 'protects' against Alzheimer's

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Woops, and totally without irony, the BBC has a story Mobile phone radiation 'protects' against Alzheimer's and on the same page links to another story:

Mobile phones 'may trigger Alzheimer's'

Better sit down with five cups of coffee because, also linked from that page, coffee 'may reverse Alzheimer's' (...)

All chalk and no greensand

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This is the website I was talking about today when walking above Blewbury.

Wasn't that easy to navigate and find the map, but try this

Click anywhere and you get a description of the bedrock.

The green at Harwell (where it says A34)


Photo metadata

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These IPTC metadata fields are all the same

Photoshop: Author
Lightroom: Creator (in XMP sidecar file)
Irfan: Byline (In jpg generated from Lightroom)
Zen Database images: IPTCByline
Zen Database images: Credit
Zen Admin screens: Credit
Zen display (in image.php): getImageData(credit);

JPG quality and file sizes

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When you Export from Lightroom and select the JPG quality it seems to use a different scale from other software.

Even setting it to 50 makes a very big file, which if I open and resave in Irfan reduces from 170 to 110 (quality 70%) (and 356 to 190). Not sure how safe it is to reduce the LR quality factor - or maybe it just generates big files.

I want a small file size because in my gallery, click on a single image and (...)

Safari videos

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The best, which is real, and worth it if you have, I think, about 8 mins, is a battle between lion and buffalo with a surprise intervention from the water.

Amazing. More than 25 million views.

And then there are the "fakes" often attached to emails like:

"We had a short vacation in Kenya last October and the safari guide has just sent me this fantastic wildlife (...)