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Pay attention, this is a complex, socially networked, ramble.

I bought some wine from an outfit called Naked Wine, who specialise in establishing a relationship between the buyer and the wine maker. From France, I had some 2009 red from France made by Benjamin Darnault, and pre-ordered some 2010, which arrived early about three weeks ago. (and is also very good).

Today Benjamin posts on my Naked Wines wall to say that his wife has a blog talking about their area and wine and food!

Turns out his wife is Australian:

"It was crazy at first, arriving and not speaking the language, it felt as though someone had cut my tongue out. My days passed in a cloud of fear, ignorance, low self-confidence and bouts of powerful homesickness. But after a few years I began to feel "at home" with my French slowly improving and the first cracking of jokes with scary in-laws at the table!"

And the blog has at least two good things.

First a quote from Geraldine Brooks - an Australian writer living in the USA, I think:

"It's wonderful to travel and it's wonderful to kiss foreigners, but you have to be careful - because if you actually marry them, it creates great complexity."

And secondly some lovely poppy pictures.

Almost as good as the ones in our garden, which are fantastic this year.

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