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Album Page

Which may contain subalbums, or image thumbnails.

Album title: Suggest folders on the server are named with ordinal dates, YYYYMMDD, which will be the default album title. Change to something more meaningful.

Album description: Use as appropriate.  HTML editor is a bit flaky

Date: will default to folder creation date. Change if needed to reflect album contents


Thumbnail: ideally this would be Random, but it doesn't seem to work, so best to select a keynote image to display on the album thumbnail.

SAVE to make everything stick


Drag to change the order. Don't forget to SAVE


Files: In Lightroom, this seems to work well.  Set dimensions to 1600 x 1600 (preserve aspect ratio), and jpg quality/output file size to 200K.

Title: will pick-up, if present, IPTC Headline, else IPTC Title, else file name

Best to use the title as a summary phrase for all the images in one album.

Description: IPTC Caption/Description from the image.  Overwrite as appropriate.

Will display under the image.

Title : Description Will display in the pop-up tool tip when hovering over the image. Also part of the text under enlarged image display and the slideshow.

Date: Should pick-up the date image taken, but for some reason it's not picking up the time. Might be becasue it's picking up the IPTC Image Date Created field. (problem seems to be solved by a Zen upgrade)

Will display under the image.

Show more fields

Country / State / City / Location will be picked up from the IPTC location fields and display under the image.

Credit / Copyright will come from the IPTC fields, and be displayed under the image.  If the contents are the same, it will only be displayed once

Tags (right hand side) correspond to IPTC keywords.

IPTC Metadata in Lightroom

Keywords: as required. Show up in ZenPhoto

MetaData - default selection

Title: leave blank, or describe the set of photos in the folder. See notes about Headline. My preference is to use Title is preference to Headline.

Caption: Describe the individual photo

Copyright: Enter name

Copyright Status: set to copyrighted

Creator: optional, but might be picked up from the camera

Sublocation: see below

MetaData - IPTC selection

Contact section

Creator: as above.

No other contact fields will be used in ZenPhoto

Content section

Headline is not the same as Title, but if present will be used by Zen in preference to Title.  IPTC Headline and Title become just one one field Title in Zen

Description is a synonym for Caption. Anything entered as a Caption will appear as Description, and visa versa

Image section

Sublocation / City / State / Country will all be displayed in ZenPhoto.

Copyright section

If not already set

Copyright: Enter name

Copyright Status: set to copyrighted

MetaData - location selection

GPS: will show Lat and Long co-ordinates, if added by external program. Will only show in LR if present. If GPS data is present, ZenPhoto will link to Google Maps to pinpoint the location.

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