Making Maps and Tracks

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Notes on how to make the maps and tracks shown here

Generate a GPX file (use suffix of XML, so it can be edited in Dreamweaver)

Use GPS Visualiser Map Input

  • This works for me
  • Width 960 x 600
  • If you have a list of waypoint markers, reduce the width of the map by the width of the waypoint list
  • Full screen mode : no
  • Title: add as appropriate
  • Select initial map type to suite what you are doing (remember Open Street Map, as well as Google)

Expanded Options

  • Opacity Control: No
  • Centre Box: No
  • API Key - remember to provide this
  • Add a legend/info box if required

Track Options

  • Mainly default, but note options for "Build a floating list of all tracks:"

Waypoint options

  • Select as required Waypoint labels: and Generate list of markers:

Upload your GPX/XML file

Draw the map

Right click on "or download from" and "save link as" to save an HTML file

Put in a well defined folder, and upload to the website

Link to the map using a link like this

  • gv_showmap.php?mapfile=../maps/New_Zealand/New Zealand.html


  • gv_showmap.php is a bit of code to wrap and display the map page.
  • ../maps/New_Zealand/ is the "well defined" folder.
  • New Zealand.html is the file saved from GPSVisualizer.

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