Responsive Web Design (III)

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Quick summary of a day's reading. A page of bookmarks.

Responsive Web Design in ALA by Ethan Marcotte is said to have kicked it all off. Ethan has blogged about the work he's done on the Boston Globe. (Worked with the Filament Group, who devised the solution to big table mentioned below) . Ethan also has a book, responsive web design .

Ethan also blogs about Fluid Images. With the simple panacea of img {max-width:100%; }

Stephanie Rieger in The trouble with Android finds over 500 different Android device screen sizes.

Jeffrey Zeldman responds: State of the web: of apps devices and breakpoints

Responding to it also, Marc Drummond concludes that responsive web design default breakpoints are dead

Trent Walton in fit to scale introduces FitText, and other concepts.

You have to read this, to understand the issues with responsive design. 11 Reasons Why Responsive Design Isn't That Cool! and then design if the tradeoffs are worth it. Images and menus are my two issues.

Template Monster has a list of jQuery Plugins for Responsive Web Design

Responsive Menu looks useful. This is a very simple and small jQuery plugin which will convert menus into a select element for mobile devices and low browser widths. Find it on GitHub with an example here.

Convert a Menu to a Dropdown achives a similar effect.

How to handle real data tables, that would be too wide and too tall to fit a mobile screen: Mark some rows/columns as optional, so they can be hidden, and revealed on request.

Responsive Data Table Roundup

For identifying breakpoints in your site design use

In passing I came across Perch. A very simple looking CMS system, to integrate with existing sites. It looks as if the contnet is managed in the CMS database, and droped onto the pages by means of PHP includes. Gives a nice backend for users to manage their page content, while the site is managed with dreamweaver etc. Developed by Rachel Andrew et al.

It also uses markItUp!, which is a JavaScript plugin built on the jQuery library.


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