The Comic Sans Strikes Back

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I'm as guilty as anyone of making use of Comic Sans, but have been aware of the opprobrium heaped against it, and tried to use it sparingly, if at all.

This is a great article from Sitepoint. Credit to Alex Walker, Editor, SitePoint Design View, for the discussion and collection of links.

Later, October, the BBC joins in.

Alternatives to Comic Sans

For my benefit, here's the section from Sitepoint on alternative fonts.

Lexia Readable

LexiaHappily, the trend towards embeddable web fonts has now presented us with a few more options.

K-Type's Lexia Readable is similar in spirit to Comic Sans but much more refined. Arguably, this is the font Vincent would have designed had he known it would become such a monster.

Lexia Readable is free for personal use and only $10 for a basic commercial license.

Qarmic Sans

Qarmic SansThe cleverly named Qarmic Sans is another terrific Comic Sans replacement.

Joanne Taylor's offering is compact and organic without ever straying into goofiness.

The other really handy aspect about Qarmic Sans is that it's available through's service. Along with a standard TrueType version, they provide a browser-ready @font-face code, and alternate formats for iPhone and Internet Explorer.

HVD Comic Serif

HVD Comic SansI love this font. True, it's not strictly a handwritten typeface, but it is loose, fun, and informal. Type designer Hannes Van Döhren created it specifically as a free alternative to Comic Sans, and it reminds me of the great Robert Crumb. Grab it.

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