Good company, good birds, a good lunch, and beautiful scenery

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Wells Barn Farm

For those with a search for knowledge, or are just plain nosey.

The big house â Wells Barn Farm - appears to be owned by Pizza Express and Punch Taverns founder Hugh Osmond.

He had a big scrap with the owner of Warren Farm - just beyond our walk - about "sporting rights".

Journalist summary here in the Guardian

But if you want the gory details, here is the court judgement.  I enjoyed para 63.

"The appeal concerns a conflict between residential development of rural land and the valuable sporting rights reserved over it (though to an uninstructed listener the procedure described by Mr Mann QC of driving low-flying birds down a hollow of land over a battery of waiting guns might have sounded more like execution by firing squad)."

That' a bit graphic for an appeal court judge.

Sadly a workman on the house was killed early this year (report).

And on a lighter note, from a man who likes to shoot at Wells Barn

Enjoyment - what makes a good day?
Good company, good birds, a good lunch, and beautiful scenery

Have to agree with that.

Tried to research Starveall Farm, and all I could find was a photo - recognize them-   There are various company listings which seem to support the evidence of our eyes, that Starveall Farm is part of the Wells Barn Estate.

But I did find a botanist who does not like Didcot Power Station. "Never did one facility ruin more views, from more outstanding viewpoints than this. Someone should make it their life's crusade to rid us of this abomination."


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