Slideshow Titles and Descriptions in ZenPhoto

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Using slideshow with jQuery Cycle there is option to display description under the image, and other data fields are also nicely displayed above the image.

However, for slideshow I prefer to use jQuery Colorbox option because of the variable image size which fills the viewport, and makes it scaleable for tablets and smaller. But there is only the option to display title below the image.

Support team said "Colorbox does not provide any feature to display longer text. You possibly could modify the slideshow plugin to use the desc instead of the title (Colorbox fetches the title attribute of the link) but then you probably need to create a new colorbox theme to allow the needed space as well."


To show title : description find zp-core > zp-extensions > slideshow.php

and change the code near line 636 to this.

$imagetitle = '';
if (getOption('slideshow_colorbox_imagetitle')) {
$imagetitle = html_encode(getBare($imgobj->getTitle()) . " : " .getBare($imgobj->getDesc()));

Caution:  This will have to be repeated whenever zen-photo is updated.


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