Open Source Maps

18 January 2012 10:26 | Comments: 0 | Categories:

Here's an OSM page with Great Western Park already updated 

I've been cutting my own OSM maps from Works very well, with usable maps of Namibia and Egypt, and good selection of POI. Maps also routable, so good for Sat Nav if driving.  I've not used them too much in the UK, because I've got the full OS 1:50,000 maps, and the OSM maps don't seem so good at (...)


Making Maps and Tracks

02 November 2011 17:02 | Comments: 0 | Categories:

Notes on how to make the maps and tracks shown here

Generate a GPX file (use suffix of XML, so it can be edited in Dreamweaver)

Use GPS Visualiser Map Input

  • This works for me
  • Width 960 x 600
  • If you have a list of waypoint markers, reduce the width of the map by the width of the waypoint list
  • Full screen mode : no
  • Title: add (...)