Google Privacy

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 has written a useful summary for The Guardian, Friday 2 March 2012

Google privacy tips: how to avoid telling them too much

Your personal data is a valuable commodity, and there are ways to control what information Google records

Full article is (...)

Making Maps and Tracks

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Notes on how to make the maps and tracks shown here

Generate a GPX file (use suffix of XML, so it can be edited in Dreamweaver)

Use GPS Visualiser Map Input

  • This works for me
  • Width 960 x 600
  • If you have a list of waypoint markers, reduce the width of the map by the width of the waypoint list
  • Full screen mode : no
  • Title: add (...)

Responsive Web Design

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How to make a website work on a Mobile Device?

Some useful links:


The Comic Sans Strikes Back

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I'm as guilty as anyone of making use of Comic Sans, but have been aware of the opprobrium heaped against it, and tried to use it sparingly, if at all.

This is a great article from Sitepoint. Credit to Alex Walker, Editor, SitePoint Design View, for the discussion and collection of links.

Later, October, the BBC joins in.


Test everything. Hold on to the good.

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Re-installing Xenu today, I saw this quote from the Bible: 1 Thessalonians 5:21

Test everything. Hold on to the good.

Which seems very apposite, and should be the watchword for all IT people.

But I didn't recognise it.

This page explains that the verse is from the New International Version of the Bible (&copy (...)

Death by PowerPoint

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You might know, and remember, Edward Tufte, of the "beautiful books".

He's just been appointed to something by Obama, with nice comments like:

Remember your own advice: Ask, "What would Feynman do?"

My most extreme and grateful congratulations go to Barack Obama. ET, it's his best hire EVER not soon enough.


This much I know

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Search Engine Optimisation

How to improve your pages / site so they will be found by Google users.

This much I know (and there is much I don't ~ but beware the snake oil salesmen who will promise you everything).

You can learn much from Google itself, and their 22 page (...)