Slideshow Titles and Descriptions in ZenPhoto

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Using slideshow with jQuery Cycle there is option to display description under the image, and other data fields are also nicely displayed above the image.

However, for slideshow I prefer to use jQuery Colorbox option because of the variable image size which fills the viewport, and makes it scaleable for tablets and smaller. But there is only the option to display title below the image.

Support team said "Colorbox does not provide any (...)


HTML5 and CSS3 Links

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Random and incomplete

Responsive Web Design (IV) Responsive Images.

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From the Cloud Four Blog

Best looking (...)


Responsive Web Design (III)

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Quick summary of a day's reading. A page of bookmarks.

Responsive Web Design in ALA by Ethan Marcotte is said to have kicked it all off. Ethan has blogged about the work he's done on the Boston Globe. (Worked with the Filament Group, who devised the (...)


Maintaining ZenPhoto

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Album Page

Which may contain subalbums, or image thumbnails.

Album title: Suggest folders on the server are named with ordinal dates, YYYYMMDD, which will be the default album title. Change to something more meaningful.

Album description: Use as appropriate.  HTML editor is a bit flaky

Date: will default to folder creation date. Change if needed to reflect album contents



Responsive Web Design (II) CMS and Zen

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When trying to apply CSS for a responsive web design to sites using CMS Made Simple, and Zen Photo Gallery (this site), I hit some stumbling blocks.

In both environments I needed a different menu - one more suited for use on a mobile - and for Zen I needed to change to Theme configuration settings to alter the number of images in a row, and on a page.

I then spent ages trying to find a way of getting PHP to detect the browsing device, and respond by generating different code (...)


Responsive Web Design

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How to make a website work on a Mobile Device?

Some useful links: