Safari videos

29 April 2008 00:00 | Comments: 0 | Categories:

The best, which is real, and worth it if you have, I think, about 8 mins, is a battle between lion and buffalo with a surprise intervention from the water.

Amazing. More than 25 million views.

And then there are the "fakes" often attached to emails like:

"We had a short vacation in Kenya last October and the safari guide has just sent me this fantastic wildlife (...)


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Check out and their Earthquake Browser

Click Select a Region, and draw a box round TZ. Click Zoom in. Repeat for focus on Lengai area

Then use filters on right to maybe change time range to start 2007/01/01 for all activity this year.

Adjust dates to see the recent events.

Click on the blue dots and see Magnitude, Depth, Date and Time, and Co-ordinates.
What's interesting is that if you look at the (...)