Compton DVOR navigation beacon

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This mystery object is the Compton DVOR navigation beacon.


A what?  Find out here.

And a picture of the beacon here with photos of the airstrip.

There are more beacon photos here.

"Compton DVOR aircraft (...)

Bulls and public footpaths

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According to the Ramblers Association, a farmer is entitled to keep bulls of up to 10-months-old in a field with a public footpath.

Bulls more than 10-months-old of a recognised dairy breed - Ayrshire, British Friesian, British Holstein, Dairy Shorthorn, Guernsey, Jersey and Kerry - are banned from fields crossed by public paths under all circumstances.

All other bulls over 10 months are banned unless accompanied by cows or heifers. If any bulls act in a way which endangers (...)

Unable to cross from one bank to another

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Chippinghurst Manor

We got lost round Chippinghurst Manor yesterday, because the path disappeared.

This is how one can afford to close the bridges & foot-paths.

From The Times

"When England was hunting for a manager to replace (...)

Good company, good birds, a good lunch, and beautiful scenery

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Wells Barn Farm

For those with a search for knowledge, or are just plain nosey.

The big house â Wells Barn Farm - appears to be owned by Pizza Express and Punch Taverns founder Hugh Osmond.

He had a big scrap with the owner of Warren Farm - just beyond our walk - about "sporting rights".

Journalist summary here in the Guardian

But if you want the gory details, here is the court (...)

All chalk and no greensand

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This is the website I was talking about today when walking above Blewbury.

Wasn't that easy to navigate and find the map, but try this

Click anywhere and you get a description of the bedrock.

The green at Harwell (where it says A34)