Converting a CMS Made Simple website to WordPress

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Harwell Parish Council website has been running on CMS Made Simple since 2009 and has collected about 300 news items and several comments.  A large portion of the site was a copy of the book Village for a 1000 years, which was moved in Oct 2014 to a separate website together with a lot of photos and other archives.  In general, Village 4 a 1000 years will contain historical information about Harwell, (...)

Slideshow Titles and Descriptions in ZenPhoto

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Using slideshow with jQuery Cycle there is option to display description under the image, and other data fields are also nicely displayed above the image.

However, for slideshow I prefer to use jQuery Colorbox option because of the variable image size which fills the viewport, and makes it scaleable for tablets and smaller. But there is only the option to display title below the image.

Support team said "Colorbox does not provide any (...)


Compton DVOR navigation beacon

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This mystery object is the Compton DVOR navigation beacon.


A what?  Find out here.

And a picture of the beacon here with photos of the airstrip.

There are more beacon photos here.

"Compton DVOR aircraft (...)

Google Privacy

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 has written a useful summary for The Guardian, Friday 2 March 2012

Google privacy tips: how to avoid telling them too much

Your personal data is a valuable commodity, and there are ways to control what information Google records

Full article is (...)

Didcot Power Station

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In early Feb 2012, when there was no wind, the plumes from the Didcot Cooling towers were absolutely vertical.  Almost beautiful.

Prompted a bit of research about Didcot A, and how long it will remain.

Didcot A

Some sensible looking words about Didcot A ~ "Didcot A must close on or before 31st December 2015, as it has opted out of the EU Large Combustion (...)

HTML5 and CSS3 Links

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Random and incomplete

Open Source Maps

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Here's an OSM page with Great Western Park already updated 

I've been cutting my own OSM maps from Works very well, with usable maps of Namibia and Egypt, and good selection of POI. Maps also routable, so good for Sat Nav if driving.  I've not used them too much in the UK, because I've got the full OS 1:50,000 maps, and the OSM maps don't seem so good at (...)


Responsive Web Design (IV) Responsive Images.

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From the Cloud Four Blog

Best looking (...)


Responsive Web Design (III)

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Quick summary of a day's reading. A page of bookmarks.

Responsive Web Design in ALA by Ethan Marcotte is said to have kicked it all off. Ethan has blogged about the work he's done on the Boston Globe. (Worked with the Filament Group, who devised the (...)


Making Maps and Tracks

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Notes on how to make the maps and tracks shown here

Generate a GPX file (use suffix of XML, so it can be edited in Dreamweaver)

Use GPS Visualiser Map Input

  • This works for me
  • Width 960 x 600
  • If you have a list of waypoint markers, reduce the width of the map by the width of the waypoint list
  • Full screen mode : no
  • Title: add (...)