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Welcome to your private island
Heading for Sindabezi Island, above Victoria Falls.
Morning relections at Chongwe River House
Mongolian Wok for preparing dinner
Something to do with a pregnant lady and a wiggly bottom
The entertainment at Chongwe River House
Fish Eagle with catch from the Chongwe River. The photo won't win prizes, but at least we saw it.
Low sunlight catching the wake of the boat on the Chongwe River
Water monitor, climbing the river bank in serach of bee-eater burrows.
A pair of pied kingfishers
Crocodile returning to the Chongwe River
Just checking
Egyptian geese
Green heron
Yawning hippo means get out of my water
Egrets - probably cattle egrets
Cattle egrets
Shy waterbuck
Warthog at Chongwe River House
You can get close to crocodile bread
Tales from the bush - water stop on a walk from Chongwe River House
Canoeing down the Zambezi
Canoeing down the Zambezi
Canoeing down the Zambezi
Brendan greets our return
Lunch time picnic group on the banks of the Chongwe River
Everything you need in the bathroom
Arriving at the picnic
Relaxing on the way to a picnic
The "normal" river crossing point.
Following leopard tracks
Cooling chambers inside a termte mound
Big mouse visiting the bath room.
Pronking impala
Fish Eagle flying up the Chongwe River, past the house.
Bill and the elephant
Relaxing at Chongwe River House, while elephants come down to the river.
Lunch at Chongwe River House
Drinks at Chongwe River House
Old male in the Lower Zambezi NP
White backed vulture
Millenium Baobab in Lower Zambesi NP
Sand erosion by the Zambezi
The pool at Chongwe River House
Warming up before breakfast at Chongwe River House
Before dawn from a bedroom at Chongwe River House
Waiting for dinner - in the moonlight.
At full moon, the moon comes up as the sun goes down - at least over the Zambezi River.
Sunset cruise time
White fronted bee eater
White fronted bee eaters
At Chongwe River House we were greeted by this huge bull in musth
Elephants cross the runway just after we land - heading for a drink from the Zambezi.
Approaching Royal Airstrip on the Lower Zambezi
Check at what time the full moon will rise.
Proflight from Mfuwe to Lusaka
Daudi and Jacob at Nsefu
Lionesses gettting ready for a hunt, ingoring the car.
Part of the pride after sunset.  The cubs will be left while the lionesses go hunting.
White fronted bee-eaters having a dust bath
White fronted bee-eaters having a dust bath
At Nsefu
Spotted hyaena

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