About David Marsh

Digital Safaris is

David Marsh
Harwell, Oxfordshire, England

The CV

David has over thirty years of experience in the IT industry, working for English and American companies on a variety of national and international projects. For the last five years of the twentieth century he worked for KPMG Management Consulting as a financial consultant, assisting clients implement SAP ERP software throughout Europe.

Digital Safaris

He set up Digital Safaris in February 2000 to provide technology expertise to safari companies by the development and support of web sites. Now winding down for retirement, he continues to host and support websites for friends and local organisations, as well as a few loyal clients.


In his youth he lived in Africa for four years, returning with his family in 1994 for an extended safari. Since then he returned for two more family safaris, and his hobby become extended research into the history and development of northern Tanzania.

Find out more by visiting nTZ.info - a dedicated web site containing nearly 3000 pages of information and books about the people and places of the area.

Since 2000 he has been to Africa over forty times, visiting eight countries in East and Southern Africa, developing a greater understanding of the continent and the travel industry so as to provide a better service to his clients, and to improve his photography.


He has an honours degree in Biological Sciences from the University of East Anglia, and a postgraduate degree in Artificial Intelligence from the University of Edinburgh.