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New Zealand

Most sites are hosted on
Sites marked adv have been developed in association with Advent Systems
Sites marked cms use a content management system.

The goals we try to follow are:

  • Pages should have valid code - passing the validation tests at
  • Pages should have valid DOCTYPES defining the standards by which they will be validated.
  • Pages should have a useful set of metatags
  • Pages should, as much as possible, be limited to semantic content. Tables will be used for data tables and not for layout.
  • Pages should display sensibly, without horizontal scrolling, on 800x600 pixel screens and larger.
  • CSS style sheets to be used for mark-up and layout. This allows for fluid displays on variable sized screens, user friendly print layouts (e.g. suppression of menus)
  • New sites should be fully responsive, scaling and adapting to a range of screen sizes
  • CSS also to pass the validation tests at
  • JavaScript is acceptable, but the page must degrade sensibly if the user has opted not to use JavaScript. Similarly, the page must degrade gracefully if CSS is removed.
  • We don't do Flash.
  • This approach helps achieve accessibility guideline, which are now a legal requirement for sites in the USA and the UK. For example, all text should be resizable, and all images marked with appropriate information for visually impaired users. The contents should also be friendly to screen readers (who speak the contents for blind people). I do not yet build sites which can be navigated without a mouse, or meet some of the other more challenging requirements of the Disabilities Discrimination Act.


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