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Photos from walk on Thursday March 14th from Blewbury car park

Flailed hedge, with lambs in the field behind.!


Approaching the “tree of the week”, the horse chestnut at Prospect Farm



‘It brings me calm whenever I’m in its presence’

We moved to Chilton village in the Vale of White Horse, Oxfordshire, about 10 years ago and discovered this rather wonderful horse chestnut tree on a walk. It was standing on its own, casting a deep shadow across our path in the evening sunshine.


As we looked up, it was difficult to grasp its size as the branches disappeared up into an ever more complex maze, with only the occasional dappling of sunlight through the gaps in the leaves to illuminate the way. The trunk had lots of small twig-like growths, which gave the impression that the tree had hairy legs, while the huge canopy resembled a vintage Kenner Tree Tots Treehouse playset.


It looked very settled and ancient, and as we gazed up we were drawn into its calm. And that’s the sense it brings to me whenever I’m in its presence. The sense of calm doesn’t change even as the tree moves through the seasons.


Tip of the iceberg?


Daffodils, a puddle and Bury Down on the horizon


“W” for wet?


Napoleon’s Hill (site of one of the set piece battles in the film Napoleon)


Napoleon’s Valley, as it’s now known.


5 replies on “Photos from walk on Thursday March 14th from Blewbury car park”

Great walk for me personally and for all of us I think. No rain, wind, sunshine and delightful wide landscapes and very pleasant companions.

Thank you David. Your images are great and I love learning about where I have walked.
All the best

Super pics as always – thank you – but please don’t publicise beautiful trees or some lunatic will come along with a chain saw! We walked near Sycamore Gap yesterday and then drove past the site, and we can’t understand how someone could destroy such a beautiful and valued tree.

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