About me and the website

David Marsh, Harwell, Oxfordshire, England

Local walks

Before COVID-19 the camera only really came out for trips to Africa, and “wildlife photography”.  During lockdown walks there was time to stop and look at flowers and insects and to try to take close-ups.  New identification Apps, and technologies such as Google Lens and websites such as PlantNet made it possible to identify even the most obscure of subjects, which in turn made them more interesting to photograph.

Since 2005 I’ve joined an informal group of friends for a weekly walk.  Once I had a phone with a decent enough camera I started taking photos, mostly rear views of a line of walkers crossing a field, with the occasional landscape view..  Since lockdown I’ve been walking with a “proper” camera and sending out an email afterwards with photos from the walks.  These are now collected under the heading of Local Walks.

Days out and Days away

Lockdown also made us realise that there are many wildlife destinations in the UK, a few of which we have visited.  These, and other destinations are recorded in the Days out and Days away sections.


These are groups of photos based on a theme, and not necessarily fixed to a calendar.


In my youth I lived in Africa for four years, returning with my family in 1994 for an extended safari. Since then I returned for two more family safaris, and since 2000 I’ve been to Africa over forty times, visiting eight countries in East and Southern Africa, developing a greater understanding of the continent and the travel industry so as to provide a better service to my clients, and to improve my photography.

I’m slowly adding more photos from these trips, and early ones from out time in Tanganyika in the 1950’s.

Digital Safaris

In February 2000 I left my “day job” and set up Digital Safaris  to provide technology expertise to safari companies by the development and support of web sites. Now retired, I continues to host and support a few websites for friends and local organisations. [See a full list of websites that I have supported].


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