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Imberbus 2023

A very English day out.

Back for ImberBus 2023.  A full day: 5 trains, 5 buses, 90 minutes queuing and a 3 mile walk.


This year everyone seemed to want to ride on the Routemasters and there was a long wait for a bus


At Imber, the queue for eastbound buses (that’s LLU 957, 1950 Leyland PD2, London Transport RTW 467).


Also busy at Gore Cross interchange


But we went straight to New Zealand Farm Camp, up the hill


And then walked across the north end of Salisbury plains, outside the military zone, over Strawberry Hill to West Lavington (for buses back to Warminster).


On Strawberry Hill. Looking north to Pewsey White Horse


On Strawberry Hill. Looking south back to New Zealand Farm Camp.


A very English day out. Lots of bus-spotters and transport nerds, mingling with “tourists” not sure what it was all about.

At the helm was bus enthusiast and Network Rail Chair Lord Peter Hendy. “Where is the most unusual place you can run a bus service?” he said. “The answer is a place you can’t get to most of the year and there is nothing there. That’s Imberbus for you.”



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