Birds Days out

Otmoor & Farmoor


One of the male cranes at Otmoor



The cranes probably come from Somerset, where they have been introduced by the Great Crane Project. Also at Otmoor is Maple Glory, who we saw at Chimney Meadows a few weeks ago.


Farmoor, with Andrew


Snow geese were the highlight, first seen flying accross the reservoir. A flock of about 75 birds. [source]


With pylons



The snow goose is a medium-sized goose, rather thin-necked with a stout bill. It occurs in two colour forms, one all white with black wing feathers which are obvious in flight, the other white-headed with a blue-grey body and wings. It does not breed in the UK, except where escaped from captivity. Wild birds breed in Greenland, Arctic North America and Siberia – some migrate south in the autumn to spend the winter on the Atlantic coast of the USA. [RSPB]


Good to find some flying bird food – mosquitos flying near the hide by the river


And a wasp, slowly warming up in the hide






Great Crested Grebe



More in the gallery..

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With a focus on nature these are amazing photos revealing the true majesty of the nature that we see on the walks. I missed much of this and am so grateful for having my eyes opened. Thank you David

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