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Photos from walk on Thursday 3rd November from Ewelme to Swyncombe via Sliding Hill

Bit grey and wet in the morning, with puddles turned to ponds on the road.

In the woods we were puzzled by this plant.  PlantNet insisted it was Huckleberry, which didn’t seem right.  Back home, Google suggests Cornus sanguinea, the common dogwood.

Coffee stop at this fabulous old beech tree.

with porcelain fungus on one of its branches

Nearby a few Coprinopsis picacea, commonly called magpie inkcap fungus.

Later in the day, it brightened up.  Here heading back downhill toward Ewelme

In the woods we found beech leaves hosting leaf mining larva, and found evidence of the larvae on leaves still on the trees.


Here’s the leaf showing the trail of poo, and a characteristic green section


And here you can see the actual caterpillar


I found these on Monday while looking for Red Deer, so if you want to know all the details about these leafminers, please skip to the end of my Red Deer Post.

For more photos of this walk, please see

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