Birds Days out

Thatcham reed beds

With Andrew, at Thatcham reed beds and BBOWT Nature Discovery Centre.

The birds are used to people so some close-ups of birds more usually seen at the far end of a lake.


A few hybrids and non-native birds that won’t go any any tick-list, e.g. a pair of Muscovy Ducks, with a face like a toby jug


Muscovy duck’s back


Even without sunlight, this mallard’s neck looked good.


Lots of black-headed gulls


Tufted duck




Teal (a pair)


Canada geese


Egyptian geese



Bit of courtship on the fence (collared dove)


No outing is complete without some blossom and fungus.


Fomitopsis pinicola, is a stem decay fungus common on softwood and hardwood trees. Its conk (fruit body) is known as the red-belted conk


Blackthorn (Prunus spinosa)


More in the gallery: robin, dunnock, cormorant, swan, moorhen, grebe, raven, heron and a munkjac.

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